The reason why this community is doomed, thanks to Riot !

I just played with some Blind picks with this smurf acc......and here are the results.... 1st game: blaming and feeding 2nd game: blaming and feeding 3rd game: blaming, feeding and going afk and by all means....iam playing this game since beta and this community is getting worse and worse....and not just the community the game aswell. oh,....and i did flame the blaming-feeding-afk-player. why you ask ? because even a dog will fight back if you torture him for 20min ! and ofc ill get punished for flaming the blaming-feeding-afk-guy because its Riotgames. This behavior is getting a bit better at higher elo,....but its still really really rough. (main d3) This game became torture and its thanks to riot and their wanna be social system. you cant let a program judge if a player did fail in behaving himself or not.... you say you game shows something else.
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