Tryhard ?

I'm really annoyed by the word "tryhard" that many people use in mostly classic games. It's supposed to mean that someone is trying way to hard to win.. Isn't that the point of LoL? To win games? Riot made co-op, classic and ranked for a reason, for people to play on their own level. If you feel like people are trying way to hard because you like to play around in the games then why are you playing classic? Why don't you get a group of friends and create a custom game? Makes no sense for people in the enemy team to take it easier just because for example your team is worse than them. I mostly play classic games since I feel like that's my level of difficulty, and very often I hear that I'm a tryharder when all I do is trying my best, which again I feel is the point of LoL. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the word "tryhard".
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