So some people don't think far enough questioning their behaviour

So in todays times, there are actually a lot of people out there with mental problems. And no, I don't talk about like being mentally handicapped because of some sort of disease, I talk about the people with psychic problems which are in the direction of Depression. Now depression has different formes and each depression is a bit different, yet they have a lot of things in common. Now the reason I bring this up, is because the huge toxicity in this community is doing big harm to people with depression like sicknesses, or to people that haven't such a good time IRL. It doesn't care if it's a guy trolling/griefing, or a guy that is just toxic overall and insults/flames everyone just by the slightest chance he gets. Now this applies to me aswell, I am one of the people which have deep depression and I have a sickness called Borderline Syndrom. This is the main reason why I'm writing this thread, it is just sad to watch how simple minded some people are and never question their toxicity, if they are maybe hurting someone with their actions or their words. Now especially when playing ranked, I usually try to escape the bad things in my life and the terrible thoughts I have by playing games quite a lot, since you easily get distracted and you start focusing on the game. Now I often encountered situations where people ingame even trigger you. Like if playing a ranked game and someone just decides to troll because he thinks it's funny to harm/annoy people in such a way, or if there is a guy who just thinks he needs to directly insult you and spam all sorts of negativity in the chat. Ofcourse you can mute someone who is as toxic, the problem is, you don't know in advance that this guy is that toxic and once he wrote something which could trigger you, muting isn't going to solve that. Ofc you prevent to get any messages from that person that could trigger you even more, but the dmg with his first message he did can't be undone by muting. I just notice I often get that thought, when someone trolls intentionally or just flames overall, "Seems like I just deserve that, my life is shit anyways" Get the point? Yeah my life is garbage, maybe even I am, but insulting me and triggering this stuff won't do anything good. This is why I think people with such behaviour should be punished more, why punish physical damage and ignore if someone damages the psyhics of someone? For every toxic guy outthere, would you be able to life with the thoughts that you knew that maybe someone who is suicidal actually did suicide just because of you?
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