The Singed support's threat of a permaban is utter lunacy

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So the three reasons Riot gave to justify a potential permaban were: 1) Counter jungles 2)Doesn't build sightstone 3) Roams Ok, let's remember that Riot has officially said: "Do not report a Summoner for not sticking to the metagame"[1] So right off the bat they're contradicting themselves here, but let's just set that aside for a moment. If a Bard (or **any** other "meta" support) counter jungled and roamed, would he get reported, much less **permabanned**? Of course not, and if you think otherwise, you are deluding yourself. So these two reasons are totally nonsensical and can be dismissed after any logical consideration. So, is not building sightstone on a support a bannable offense? Naturally, that would be kinda nice, but do we really want Riot to tell us how to play the game, what items to buy etc. or get permabanned if we stray too much from their vision of how they game ought to be played? I think not. Also, I think Riot has said on numerous occasions that they don't want to enforce a meta through bans etc. After looking at these three specific issues Rito brought up, we have found that they are all ~~bulls*it~~ a smoke screen devised to mask what they really have a problem with, namely Singed support. Because none of the three reasons Riot gave justify a permaban, there is only one reasonable explanation left: That guy will get banned for playing a champ in a role Riot doesn't like. Say hello to the new meta enforced through permabanning everyone who doesn't stick to Riot's "vision". I don't even. This is an outrage. Is this really the game we want LoL to become? [1]
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