[Suggestion for RIOT] New Ranked LP System

I keep reading the forum and people generally complain about the same things when it comes to ranked matches: afkers, trolls, flamers, feeders. I said this is in a previous post on the forum. The LP gain should be changed in order to reflect individual performance rather than being linked to win/loss at the end of the game. That would still be taken into consideration of course. Riot currently hold enough data points of a match in order to make it happen. Different tiers would have different standards for LP gain of course, but this would motivate people to play well and people who play bad can still do it and suffer the consequences of their actions. Basically every player would get the LP they deserve after a match more or less (it is not a perfect system). Also I think that LP gain should take into account when you have AFK people on your team. If you win with AFKer on your team, your LP gain should be greater and vice versa, if you lose, should be lower because you played 4v5. This would also solve the smurf problem as they would progress through the tiers a lot faster playing less games at low elo. It would also solve the boosting problem as well: if you get boosted, the standard at which you have to perform if you play ranked would be a lot higher than you can deliver. If the original holder of the account would decide to play ranked at that level he would end up losing 40-60LP/game. This would happen gradually. Everyone can have a few bad games. You wouldn't lose 60LP off the bat. This would make the report system useless as players would gain LP according to their performance. If you have a feeder on your team, you can surr at 20 and still come out of the match with positive LP gain. It would be a lot less than a win, but it would not stop you from progressing. What I am saying is that although this is a team game, realistically speaking, at low elo there is no real team play and people who learn the game and want to progress should not be punished for what others do. At the same time, it might motivate people to start playing better as well because they know that screwing up is no longer an option without consequences. And honestly, if this got implemented, I would not care about anyone flaming me. If I play well, I still get my LP while they flame and go down under. Let me know what you think guys.
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