14 day ban because i got trolled by a premade bot lane?

Only DraVayNista, your League of Legends account has been suspended
Only DraVayNista, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words.
http://link.email.riotgames.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?a=MiCT_etp7RqtMyKNqm0qMtDC&msgVersion=web <- Context: Last game i gave up my main role (adc) for a premade bottom lane, I continued to go jungle and all was good. the usuall talk to get my allies pumped and to try and win the game. At some point there was a dragon fight and we lost it. we all ran away without dieing untill tahm kench decided to troll and to swallow me and running back to the enemy team. this cost me a flash. our midlaner and i freaked out and said 'WTF'. asked for a report without calling this guy awfull diseases or something. the enemy Elise gets fed but i try to keep up the hope and say her build is terrible and thats how we might win (she went full ap without tankyness). Our adc (vayne) said that we should /ff and i told her to shut up because she picked vayne and she should expect to lose the laningphase but she gets a godlike lategame for it. in the end when they were killing the nexus Vayne pointed out that we wont win (her premade went afk). So i told her she wont ever win if she has a premade support that trolls like that. In the end i got a 14 day ban after having a terrible experience ingame QQ
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