Suspended after 1 game dying vs master player in normals

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So I played a normal game with some friends of mine; I got autofilled midlane. I went 1-12 which yes, is really bad and as you can see in my match history is not something i'm used to. He was a better player and they kept hunting me down for "free dark harvest and mejais stacks". Yes I may not have played well, but I for sure was not intentionally feeding. After the game I decided to check the opponents rank. Turns out he was a master tier player. His match history shows him stomping every game: Didn't think much of it until I just received this: So because of one bad game I got a 14 day suspension, lost my lvl 5 honor level and access to free rewards? The last time I got a suspension was during season 2 due to shitty internet. Does this happen often that people get banned because of one game? And yes, that one game is the reason as you can see in the report there's only "Game 1" Any help would be appriciated Edit: Happy to let you know the suspension got lifted. Here follows the statement: Rendeavors (Riot Games Player Support) Dec 5, 5:14 AM PST Hey there again friendo, Sorry for the long wait! After your case was investigated, your suspension was removed the from the account as it seemed to be issued incorrectly. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please know that we're continuously making improvements to our system in order to prevent similar issues from happening. As the suspension was lifted, I've also reset your honor level! Lastly, I also wanted to give you a small token of appreciation for being so patient and understanding regarding this matter. You'll see a small surprised in your Hextech loot tab next time you log in to your account :D Let me know if you need help with anything else, and stay safe out there!
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