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Hello league community, I created this thread to try and create some discussion on the current state of the league penalization system. Today I got a 14 days suspension on this account after barely speaking during multiple games. I got personally targeted and offended and decided to respond, to another inting adc right after the game I got added and flammed by said adc and followed by a 14 day suspension without having been either chat restricted or told that I could be suspended at any point. Been playing since season 1 stopped in season 5 and restarted at the end of last season and I have lost a perfectly clean account. If anyone could tell me if I should quit trying because im just going to get banned for talking back, is there certain words i cant say is there a possibility to have my suspension lifted any information would be very appreceiated. other than that I would just like to create some conversation around the topic have a good day and better luck than I have :)
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