I got permabanned

So i had taken a break from league for about 2 weeks or so because my father took his life. My friends tell me that the new season has started and im thinking about playing a few games to get my mind off life and so, and i play 5 games. In 4 of those games people tell me to kill myself, that my family should do that, my mom dad etc and the 2 last games i just lose my shit and, i didnt flame, but i got really angry and sad because this was close to heart. Im not sure what to do, getting banned because of responding to death threaths shouldnt be bannable imo.. I know that i have been toxic, and ive been really trying to flame less, but because of the circumstances i just lost my shit, and i were crying while playing the 2 last games. Please let me have 2 week suspension, or 1000 games chat ban, or perma chat ban or whatever but this is just way to harsh for something like this. Thanks Account name is "Lizardsburly" on EUW Side note, do u think responding to people telling me to kill myself etc for playing bad is bannable? or is it really my fault for not "muting and playing"?
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