Why am i punished but everyone else isn't

This is a long text i belive...So i played a couple of games and for some reason i always seem to be matched with those people who flame constantly,dont want to help or just are toxic as hell...Of course almost half of the community is toxic but these games i got people who go as far as lying about what happend and all working in pairs to sort of rep me...For instance i got after several games Permanent banned and i really wanted to see the text i was more than suprised to see what happend...It always seems so be me,acth me an induvidual who if you play fair and dont flame or isnt toxic will NEVER say anything bad...I have serious deppresion issues and lately im forcing myself to be "happy" to,not think about stuff and etc...It sort of helps but definitly this ruined it when it comes to the LOL Penalty system for either leaving games,beign toxic/flame/feed or boosting or idk whatelse exsists to get punished... Here is the copied text from the banned message i got : Game 1 Pre-Game Laburista: top Laburista: im top Laburista: im top i said first (It was an sylas who wanted to go top but i said first and it wan't even like "A NASCAR RACE TO TYPE MID ASAP" i just wrote it when i came not like you know "RUSHING" but i still said first after that imediate i see sylas 3/4 times spaming TOP TOP TOP and then IM FIRST SAID...? Obviously there are records which show that all of this and further is true and not made up to make me just unbanned,i want to FINALLY help sort of build the system of penalty of lol to a better system,anyways i procced:) Laburista: lol look up (starts spaming im first said top and etc...)(while i was just calm as you can see here,i thought he was honestly joking and trolling) Laburista: .... Laburista: im first top wtf (here i started to ask myself is this dude really like REALLY? going to go top? Laburista: im top Laburista: hahaha (he countinous to say that he said it first...) Laburista: no (end starting chat here,now i picked a Tryndmere build planned with the runes spells and etc so i had to go top..And he could just go mid or adc since sylas is more multi-purpose while i honestly would be destroyed if i went any other lane) In-Game (i thought because of eune and etc that he might not understand good so i asked him like dude are you serious really? cmon and etc (BOSNIAN) Laburista: a jes lik glup lol (says /all report trynd for going top after i first top) Laburista: i said first ignore him...Kid... Laburista: learn english first (extreme stuning) Laburista: team who said first that he is top Laburista: ? (here above i thougt that if i asked the other teammates maybe they would be like cmon sylas he said it first leave him or smthn but it shocked me even more the reply) (again with the im top said first) Laburista: no i said first (honestly idk what here was im guessing he said he is gonna report me for this WHICH IS ABSOLUTLY ABSURD that would mean if i robbed a bank i can just report the guy reading this to be the one who robbed it,and the most amazing thing is im not banned and he is 4000% not...Absourd...) Laburista: so what? Laburista: hahaha go ahead make my day (spamed to rep me) Laburista: just rep him i said clearly top first (under here he asked shaco our teamate who said it first and i thought of course he is gonna say the truth why would he lie but he said honestly i think sylas? WHAT? im gonna kill myself forreal WHAT IS THIS????) Laburista: shaco is stupid like u Laburista: ? (above here i could not belive what shaco said i was just mind blowned) Laburista: hey brand Laburista: hey pyke Laburista: i said clearly first top right? Laburista: hahaha Laburista: brand i said top first right? (above here i could not belive no one wanted to step in and say hey leave him he didnt do anything its ur fault) Laburista: act wait Laburista: i know and RIOT WILL KNOW that i said top first Laburista: are u dumb? (forreal) Laburista: i said first i have a PICTURE Laburista: i did (i took a pic of me saying it first because i found it pretty funny tbh)... Laburista: this is insane Laburista: the amount of patethic this guy is Laburista: ... (above here i could not belive what was happening to me, it felt like i was wrong and everyone else is right...) Laburista: reported (i him) Laburista: report me Laburista: please rep me because then u will get banned for false Laburista: ye (well idk honestly i just cant even type why im just down rn in life in everything even explaining this will be a pain for me...Pretty much i cant belive just what happend overall how he started it and he was the one who was wrong but i got the only one ban because of this stupid shit.,..) Laburista: i feel sorry for your kids they are going to be retarted just like their dad (insulting me aswell..No wonder i wrote a poem of curse words after he made me lose and starting to feed because he is just uselles and was a distraction and stole my kills..,. also was ganked a lot of times and started laughting and trolling...) Laburista: what is your instagram (i wanted to send him the pic of me saying top first only since maybe that would help,SEE HOW I TRIED TO SQUASH THE BEEF) (asks me if im gay,im not im str8 but i said yes im gay to see what he would say ...I mean why would he even brouht that up..) Laburista: yes (is suprised to my anwser...) Laburista: u have a prob with that Laburista: ? (said he doesnt) Laburista: what is your instagram Laburista: so i can send you a pic wherer you can see who said it first? (now under here i had like i think 0 or 1/3 or 4/0 and all because of him ...) Laburista: now im getting a shit game ALL BECAUSE OF YOU YOU %%%%ING SMALL IDIOT KID Laburista: whats ur ig (only to send him to prove him wrong...I still dont know is he trolling or he forreal thinks he said it first...) Laburista: 6/0 u mad? Laburista: muted idiot Laburista: gg rep sylas Post-Game Laburista: rep all pls sylas (whats wrong with this, i did what everyone with a funtional brain would do...) Game 2 In-Game (in this game i had 0 support more like none she feed and started to troll placing her abilities at out own turret) Laburista: report morgana Laburista: report morgana thanks (here she started to help but as soon as i jump in on the enemys she back out knowing it and i get killed like multiple times because she is trolling always like this and i didnt know why that is feeding) Laburista: OPMG Laburista: OMG Laburista: YOU NOOB (countinous) Laburista: HOW CAN YOU BE SOOO FUICKI9NG BAD????????????????????????????? Laburista: ? (absoulutly done with life idk how i even stayed alive without killing myself) Laburista: I cant do this Laburista: Morgana 0 help (under here master oneshot me and i just asked who feed him because he had like 9/3 and it was the start of the game-... Laburista: haha who feed master yi? Laburista: ???????????????????????????????????????? (because morgana trolled and lured me into feeding other teammates thought i was trolling and feeding..And i was furious even before) Laburista: yeah report me because morgana didnt help me and it auto makes it my fault rep heimer and yasuo for lying and beign TOXIC Laburista: YES IT IS Laburista: YOU DIDNT HELP ME ANYTHING YOU TROLLED Laburista: STOLEN THE ONES I GOT Laburista: reported (started to troll and be toxic) Laburista: says a buy who plays heimer Laburista: i dont care its not my fault you cant report me idiot (...) Laburista: lol i wil report you because of toxic Laburista: u cant rep someone for having a bad support lol (i had bad support who tricked me/lured into an great chance and just left making me go 2 or 3v1 me sometimes.,.. Game 3 Pre-Game Laburista: tp Laburista: top (declaring my lane) In-Game Laburista: 2v1 nice (ganked...) Laburista: says a guy who needs to help his teamate not to lose (says im noob and started beign toxic to me) Laburista: report my team Laburista: maybe not helping me 2 times Laburista: oh excause me i didnt see that ur cancer Laburista: u must be stupid... (noone helped me while i was ganked and baited a thousand times on top ...Our jungle was adc (3 adc 1 mid 1 top/me) and i tried to make them go help me /gank to balane everything) Laburista: 1.WHERE IS OUR JUNGLE? 2.When u see someone getting ganked u help him not like u stupid idiot (.,...Self explaining) Laburista: report whole team Laburista: noobs Laburista: learn how to play u cowards (started to be toxic because apparently im a noob because i cant win 2v1) Laburista: BECAUSE I GOT GANKED 2 TIMES Laburista: WHERE IS MY GANK??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (started to blame me for feed and etc...) Laburista: i dont care nobody wants to help me i dont want to go top Laburista: hahaha noob shivana Laburista: because of you i just died Laburista: act because of you all Laburista: report all you (here i pretty got help for the first time and shivana came and started to attack but somehow she didnt even ult or anything she just sort of stoped walking and got us both killed) Laburista: you cant rep me there is nothing i did wrong Laburista: no no Laburista: you destroyed this game Laburista: instead of helping me gank from the start u never helped me Laburista: ti si kreten bratic Laburista: hehe 3 bot Laburista: report Laburista: noobs report all (have a brain and think out the rest bot here)... Listen here i just want to get back asap to the game...Even doe i didnt do anything bad i got used to me beign the one who is always wrong...I want riot to read this and have feelings like a human...Really so im supposed to just not care about it and not type my excause and get reported at the end same as any way...These games were just pure unlucky and i didn't start them i know someone is gonna say dont develop it no matter what...Lol are you serious? how can i? i mean just think about it if lets say u get ganked as i 10 times and write apologie hey i cant go pls help me like i did as from above they might help but as in my case they didnt they reported me for not understanding my situation which is the whole point of this,if i would have muted them and not typed anything i would get banned from everybody and it would be even worse...I will never be toxic again but because of even not typing just muting also i would get banned everygame from now on i will say sorry its my apologie even if its like in these chat logs ITS NOT MY FAULT...This im gonna post on here (lol boards) and riot support...Idk man what to do...Im sorry i wont happend EVEN DOE IT IS NOT MY FAULT...

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