Just finished my chat restriction games... Here's what I have to say..

So after the first 150 games of chat restriction I did change and I stopped flaming. I was soo soo happy that the misery was finally over. Next day I wake up another 150 chat restriction games.. Oh I was mad and really miserable because I knew I didn't deserve it, but I just lived with it. And today I am finally finished, but I am still in a big fear that I will get another 150 games of chat restriction which I really really do not deserve. I also think chat restriction is a very stupid way to punish people and it can really depend on how you perform in games.. It's like if you killed someone in real life and punishment you got is oh hey we're gonna take away your ammunition so you can't kill anymore people.. I mean like wtf.. If someone is flaming ban him for X amount of days (like a murderer will go to jail for X amount of years)... This is really irritating and stupid if you ask me. But I am hopefully done with serving my punishment and, oh God, I hope I won't get more of chat restriction.. PEACE!!
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