perma banned for this??

Game 1 lodger88: LOLOLOLO lodger88: HOW CAN SOMEONE MANAGE TO FK UP JUMP AND FLASH lodger88: we found kadeem! lodger88: thres lodger88: leguit lodger88: wtf lodger88: are lodger88: u lodger88: doign lodger88: they were not 6 lodger88: legiut tilting me lodger88: u wait lodger88: that they use all on me lodger88: then u wait lodger88: and when they have all again lodger88: u engage lodger88: also lodger88: we need to all in lodger88: we win in all in easy lodger88: we dont out poke them lodger88: its soraka lodger88: ye no point lodger88: thresh lodger88: pls lodger88: dont lodger88: play lodger88: threshi lodger88: there is a reason u are in this elo lodger88: its caus eu are garbage a lodger88: so dont take a champ lodger88: that needs skill lodger88: its not flame lodger88: its just the fact lodger88: dont paly a champ lodger88: that depends on catching a hook lodger88: if u never do lodger88: why are u there lodger88: THRESH lodger88: WAKE lodger88: UP lodger88: just report this thresh pls lodger88: 7ff lodger88: &f lodger88: just push mid pls. so basically i got perma banned because i told a silver not to play a champion that depends on hooks when he cant catch any? also said ''thresh wake up'' because he afked in bush and died to botlane. Start of the game 1 of the enemy i believe failed jump over wall and then flash over wall and i said that as a joke? i really dont think anything in this deserves a permanent ban XD ADD: As i said before i dont think this deserves a PERMANENT ban. a chat ban for few games etc i would understand, but calling someone garbage is like the least toxic thing i have seen this week XD the things people say and get away because no one really cares enough to report them.
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