League is bad for my mental health

is it just me or does league just suck nowadays? i used to love this game but ever since the new rune system this game is just been going downhill. First off everyone does so much %%%%ing damage now its ridiculous. but after these few games today i am officially done with this game. i used to only play adc but since the new runes it %%%%ing sucks to play as adc if an enemy champion just farts in my general direction im %%%%ing dead. switch to toplane turns out that lane also has huge things thats just tilts the hell out of me its really fun to play against a %%%%ing tham kench or a renekton with ignite with his premade jungler who plays volibear just to permadive me like a total %%%%%% then to get flamed by my team etc etc... everyone is so %%%%ing toxic that most of the time i just /mute all at the beginning of the game which is sad that im forced to do that. then we have %%%%ing ping spammers which u cant even mute or atleast to my knowledge. last game i raged so hard that i punched my wall so hard my knuckles are bleeding i don't have that with any other game i keep playing hoping i would get that feeling which i used to get playing this game. but i came to the sad truth. this game just sucks now there is so much cheesy bullshit. obnoxious champions to play against a toxic communtiy wtf happend to this game. does anyone feel the same way, or is it just me?
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