Worst premades I've encountered

So I get adc as my role, there are 4 premades in my team. Obviously they want adc but I don't give it and I lock lucian. Then they proceed to pick sivir. I didn't want to play 3 bot so I go mid. I'm against zed as lucian, sounds hard doesn't it? Well even though enemy shyvana (jungle) and mundo (top) camp mid, our jungler obviously doesn't gank mid at all and yasuo doesn't warn me that mundo is coming, I somehow still manage to win the lane and snowball, zed kills me once in the whole game. Throughout the whole game team flames me and spams report lucian in the all chat, even though I won my lane and they were all doing very bad and basically feeding enemy adc, later on they even feed zed that was on my lane. At the end of the game, when we lose they say that I, apparently ruined their game.
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