DEBATE: Softer Penalty for a Loss with AFKs vs. Actual Number of Games with an AFK Present.

Riot Participation Encouraged Please! **tl;dr** - Softer LP Penalty if a Summoner of the losing team has been AFK since the game started vs. Do we encounter enough of those types of games to warrant that idea being implemented. Firstly: Let me begin by saying that this is not just another "OMG I don't deserve to lose with an AFK in my team, make me lose 0 LP rito fanks!" discussion. However, I am aware discussions like this have existed in the past. **I want to highlight and explain the idea**: Is there a way you (Riot) can trap whether a Summoner ever connected at all, or has been AFK from minute zero? This is more of a rhetorical question, because I am sure there is a way you can trap this information. Wouldn't it be nice, if when you're on a team with a Summoner who has been AFK from minute 0, and made no contribution to the entire game, that if the team with the AFK lose - which is going to be a higher percentage than the teams who win 4v5 - get a slightly lower LP penalty? (By "slightly" I mean between 4-10) Just enough so that if you're currently on between 90-99 LP and you encounter an AFK which prompts a loss, you don't need to win another 2 games to attempt promotions (which is a whole different debate whether they should exist or not.) A lot of discussions in the past regarding this "issue" tend toward there being softer penalties if a Summoner goes AFK at all, even during a match - This is an absolute non-starter of an idea, it will force negative situations where teammates are turning on each other, trying to force somebody to go AFK just so they receive a softer LP penalty for the loss. This is where the suggestion of only granting softer LP penalties to teams who had a permanent non-connecting AFK stems from. **Which rather smoothly brings me on to the second point of the debate:** Do we (the community) actually encounter enough never-connecting AFKs to warrant such an idea being put in to place? From personal experience, the only AFKs I encounter semi-regularly, are Summoners who make the conscious choice to AFK, due to them not wanting to continue playing that match anymore for whatever reason - which, as I stated above, should NEVER trigger a softer LP penalty. Does the frequency of AFKs increase or decrease between divisions of ranked play? Are they in fact similar? Do they fluctuate between levels of play on Normals as well? **In Conclusion:** While I do support the idea of slightly reducing the LP penalty for a poor team which didn't stand much of a chance due to a non-connecting Summoner, I don't think there are that many games where a I see a summoner not connecting at all. So get involved with the discussion, share your experiences, let me know what you think. Reds < Any statistics are welcome as always, number of games with non-connecting AFKs if possible?
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