(Ab)using the report system

I'm far from the worlds best player, I'm trying out a lot of random ARURF game just to get a feel of the sooooooo many different type of champions. Some i like, some i don't, some i play well, some i play really bad. It's still a lot to learn and at my age the learning process has become a little slower.... But what i notice a lot in games where i'm part of the loosing team is the number of people that are, in my opinion, abusing the report system only because their team is on the loosing end of the game. Feeding i think is one of the most used reasons to send out these reports even though it clearly states in the game that those kind of reports are only to be made when you have strong evidence of "intentional" feeding". But i can image that some people will use all kinds of reasons to report the worst players of their team purely and solely because their team is loosing. This is just an example from last game, and yes it also will show that i will not always make the right and wise decissions during the game :) During champ selection i see Heimerdinger say "I go bot if someone comes with me".... i picked up Nami so i respond with "I'm bot sup". Clear enough i think. On start of the game i jump bot... to actually find myself all alone there... finding Annie and Talon as my opponents and me (a lot of times) having the tendency to be aggresive i try to poke a lot and at least hold them back. Obviously i fail at that attempt and it's my first death. I res and see still 2 players standing there still, seemingly to be afk..... omfg... Ok.. i got back to lane.. keep trying. Annie and Talon push a lot, i most certainly won't win the fights as they keep up a good duo game.. so what to do? (besides pinging, asking for help in game with 2 players afk). I can choose to be less aggressive, not poke as much and they will most likely push the lane very fast.. or again... be aggressive and poke and try to hold them in the middle.... Anyhow, i die pretty often... but somehow we keep being in the middle of the Lane... almost at the end of early game, one of the AFK'ers comes back and starts helping me there.... however it's still a lost cause... they are up ahead of us etc etc.... Then at some point i see in chat from Ziggs "Report Nami!"... and ofc i'm really like "WTF? (excuse my language :D).... we had to deal with 2 people being afk, now still 1.. and you report me for......?????"... didn't said it like that in chat though as i don't really have the time to respond. So yes, i end up with 1.7/m CS, 0.53:1 KDA (5/17/4).... and ofc that is terrible... i'm certainly not happy with that... BUT they never where able to push bot lane lol..... So the (ab)use of the reporting system i see happening just about every 2 or 3 games.. sometimes just 1 person, sometimes multiple. Sometimes reporting me, sometimes reporting others..... And i really feel like why are we having so many crybabies here that are (ab)using the report system like this. Most of the times it's far from intentional bad playing helping out the other teams (i can say about 99% that it's not the case i think)... yet reports are apparently made. I can't imagine how much time is involved actually in reviewing all these reports, but i'm sure it's a lot of time. Now i only wonder if the players who abuse the system a lot are actually being punished too for creating too many unnecessary reports or even if only for having a negative attitude in game.....? And if that is not the case yet, isn't it time that Riot starts doing that?
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