im rly laughing perma banned me for 1 game where my team mate trolled me <3 gg

Game 1 nikagege22: fk off nikagege22: im top nikagege22: wtf nikagege22: stfu i siad top nikagege22: guyss nikagege22: who was first nikagege22: stfuuuu nikagege22: wtf nikagege22: reprot sion nikagege22: Wtf nikagege22: im top nikagege22: dfqqqqqqqqqqq nikagege22: guys how can i copy champ select chat nikagege22: I WOTN IM AD nikagege22: idc nikagege22: sion help him nikagege22: IDCC nikagege22: i fked kayle up nikagege22: but this big boy wont let me top nikagege22: fps lag nikagege22: u are dumb af nikagege22: fk u all nikagege22: all mid? nikagege22: report cait troll nikagege22: cait u suckkkk nikagege22: go afk nikagege22: god damn nikagege22: FOR ME??? nikagege22: U BASTARD nikagege22: WHO SAID TO ME TO GO ILLAOI TARIC AND SORAKA nikagege22: IM TOOOOOOOOOOOOP nikagege22: i siad tooooooooooooop nikagege22: nooooooooooob nikagege22: stfuuu nikagege22: u know what i can do? nikagege22: rlyyy nikagege22: 9x cait for troll int nikagege22: CAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT nikagege22: cait nikagege22: can u speak english? nikagege22: pf suck nikagege22: cait is not even bronze or wood nikagege22: he is plastic nikagege22: i dont nikagege22: btw lb nikagege22: lvl? nikagege22: i see nikagege22: malzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nikagege22: surr nikagege22: fk offf nikagege22: plz nikagege22: lol 7 lvl jinx nikagege22: nopeee nikagege22: gj cait nikagege22: cause it says all nikagege22: it does nikagege22: u cant get 6 or 7 lvl without S nikagege22: + the points nikagege22: just look at my match history carryed all of them nikagege22: bye nikagege22: XDDDDDD nikagege22: from? nikagege22: xD nikagege22: where are u from nikagege22: xD nikagege22: WOW nikagege22: ME TOO nikagege22: ARE U MY LOST TWIN&gt;? nikagege22: yay skills nikagege22: zed main here nikagege22: and riven for 3 years nikagege22: ??? nikagege22: what was that nikagege22: i flashed adn u hit Q nikagege22: u ask me? nikagege22: yi nikagege22: i dont count nikagege22: over 100 nikagege22: me nikagege22: :( nikagege22: :| nikagege22: but he is faaat nikagege22: me tooo nikagege22: when there was balance &lt;3 nikagege22: and there was not kayn.. nikagege22: and zed followed nikagege22: and syndra... nikagege22: elo? nikagege22: its lost 99% nikagege22: but he is alone nikagege22: see nikagege22: my team needs mee.. HAMEEEEEEEEEE nikagege22: KAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE nikagege22: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA nikagege22: who cares nikagege22: i dont watch anime nikagege22: only avatar &lt;3333333333333333333333333333333 nikagege22: -_- nikagege22: soo where are u from? nikagege22: u said that nikagege22: lol nikagege22: 1121 nikagege22: nice cait nikagege22: tnx for that nikagege22: i dontt nikagege22: just saying nikagege22: who is from turkey ( im not just asking) nikagege22: she started with 30 lvl nikagege22: -_- nikagege22: im done nikagege22: yayy gg nikagege22: yii nikagege22: yay i suckk nikagege22: v? nikagege22: what means V nikagege22: sion u give up? nikagege22: gg wp nikagege22: ok nikagege22: end? nikagege22: anh ...
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