So I started playing ranked about a week ago, I'm a returning player

I'm currently Silver 4, and down here it's unbelievably toxic wasteland. I get flamed and blamed at every single mistake I do, for every death that occurs to a teammate, someone else gets blamed, if enemy team gets more than 2 kills difference than ours, our team straight up gives up, ping spams like crazy and flames till the rest of the game, using phrases such as ``%%%`` or ``hang yourself`` , yes I've had multiple teammates throw that ``advice`` to me, because I made a mistake or even sometime because they were caught off position and I couldn't prevent them from dying?? So yeah, This is my first post on these forums, and I really wanna get better and I'm trying my best, but I'm having to report an average of 2-3 teammates per game, and I've only gotten one message back that someone's gotten punished because of a report of mine. What is going on, am I doing something bad? Sorry I'm not an e-sports player, I'm trying my very best, but it's just kind of unplayable when everyone swears and flames you for everything that's happening in the game.
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