Fair matches - Each team is roughly the same skill

Last 16 fair matches Match 1: Actually a good match, couldve gone either way, really enjoyed it. Match 2: Top fresh lvl 30 unranked, ultrafed the first 15 minutes, team gave up and we started all running it down because ff didnt go throught Match 3: Top and jungle force fed enemy. Somehow me and adc managed to carry the match after really good vision play by me Match 4: Give suppot position, go top. Control Riven perfectly. Bot goes 5-21, mid tilts early after going 0-5 and starts running the match down Match 5: Swain and yi both feed the whole match, Yi starts inting after 0-3 early, swain was propably drunk Match 6: ADC spens a lot of time afk under tower, most likely chatting somewhere else, ints mid game Match 7: Mid and top int the whole match, while blaming each other for no %%%%ing reason Match 8: Almost actually won this one, until Diana tilted after getting caught twice. Started to run straight from the base into enemy, died atleast 10 times in 7 or so minutes and told repeatedly that shes inting Match 9: Top dies twice almost instantly, starts to run the match down. Match 10: Top is out of the game before 5 minutes, tilts and starts to troll all around the map. Mid propably first time kata, feed heavily and goes soft afk. Jungle tilts because of top and runs most of mid / late game down. Match 11: Mid starts of dying twince to yasuo, comes bot, died 3rd time solo diving enemy adc. Jungle semi tilted, keeps dying while trying to make some plays while mid keeps feeding until goes soft afk. Match 12: Mid Talon goes 0-6 before 10 minutes, ultrafeeding enemy Riven. Talon tilts, starts to run the match down, giving 6 more kills before 20 minutes Match 13: Mid Heimer goes 1-3 in the first 6 minutes with whopping 10 cs at 9 minutes before leaving the game, rest of the match was 4v5. We got pretty far with trynda and me but noc and cait kept force feeding the enemy by soloing so we lost this one too, obviously Match 14: Started the same way as all the other matches: Jax fed enemy irelia super hard, and wasnt part of the game at all during whole match. This time enemy bot was terrible (practicing Aphelios basically) and me and adc got just enough ahead that we squeezed a victory Match 15: first 15 minutes felt like I was playing League of Legends, then Teemo tilted, started spamming FF, soloed the whole rest of the match calling "game over". as a bonus my adc jinx landed more Q's than autoattacks, and thats because she auto-attacked 5 times during the whole match. Match 16: After giving it some thinking, I decided to see if this is a positional thing. It wasnt. Picked jungle, bot went super hard 8 deaths deep early, support swain was calling majority of the team %%%%s all the time and ran the match down flaming all the way. I kept lee in somewhat control, but the lanes were ungankable. Bot lost the match ultra fast So far the Fair Matches Inc. has blessed me with 2 wins and 14 losses. Riot Games doesnt give a flying %%%% about their player base. Match making in ranked has been completely and utterly shit for years and its only getting worse. Riot does not give a single %%%% about their game, they care about money and esports. Trolls are ruining the game, and they are winning by a landslide. This list is a perfect example of what the matches were like during the whole season 8 and 9, and its getting worse every patch. Only thing that gets you banned is using some words. Other than that, you can ruin every single match for others if you wish to. This game is dying. Ranked is completely dead already, its not any different from Heroes of the Storm. %%%% Riot. %%%% every single troll in this game. %%%% this game.
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