Scores don't tell a story

Let me write a scenario for you. Early game: You play AP mid. You start 6-0. Midgame: The enemy team has a Warwick jungler and a Malphite top. On top of that they have a Leona support. Unlike the enemy support your support refuses to buy wards. You're jungler is never in time to farm the dragon and the enemy team scoops them all. Lategame: The enemy have all dragons. They might even get a baron. They have vision and you don't. Lategame teamfight: Malphite jumps in with his ulti. Warwick uses his ulti on you as well. Leona throws in her ulti. You are [_] not rekt [X] rekt This happens again. And again. And again. You buy a quicksilver to counter, but the enemy Warwick waits for you to use it before he uses his ulti on you again. If you do use it, Warwick will get you, If you don't use the quicksilver you will die as well. You go 6-1. 6-2. 6-3. 6-4. 6-5. You get the idea. You don't give up though. You keep trying, you even try to buy wards to help provide some vision. It doesn't matter. You're team fed too much. The enemy's are just too strong to take down. You end up 6-13. Everyone calls you a feeder and reports you. [End of scenario] People look at your score after game and call you a bad player because you feed too much. Don't forget people. Scores don't tell stories. Unless you where ingame, saw the mistakes and plays that where made, you won't know the real story. Thought on this? And as always, remember League is love, League is life.

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