again im literally in tears

im again crying because im Always hated one its like im getting picked on every time in my life, from when i first went to school till today its rela life and online and it affects me! i have Always been told i was slow, and that i didnt do my job right, every job i took i got fired from because i was simply slow/bad and now let me tell you about this game i just had. I was going top lane and i wanted to play as veigar, so veigar got banned but thats tottaly fine i didnt declared that i was going to play him so im not going to complain about that but what happend in game is what bothers me the most. we had no jungler our jungler took heal and left the game at like 1 minute 30 and guess what, I COULDNT REMAKE BECAUSE THE PERSON HAS TO BE DCED THE MOMENT WE STEP INTO THE GAME yes we lost that match and i kept on saying report xin report xin report xin in all chat because i want simple JUSTICE! justice is what i want i dont want nothing more than justice. our mid laner jayce even reported me because i was talking alot but WTF let me say this: USE THE MUTE BUTTON! AND FORGET ABOUT ME AND DONT REPORT ME AS I AM A KIND PLAYER BUT I OBVIOUSLY GET TILTED BEYOND ANYONE CAN IMAGINE WHEN SOME TARD LEAVES THE GAME INTENTIONALLY TO RUIN MY MATCH our mid laner jayce didnt quite "understand" my rage towards xin zhao because in his eyes its allright well in my eyes its not this xin zha did illegal stuff wich is not allowed (leaving the game) and therefore im getting upset and i cry because this person is prehaps not even banned merely warned about his behaviour and continues to do this over and over again, i simply want a confirmation on wether or not this person is banned that way i can close this behind me and know he got his justice SO my message is, if someone leaves the game intentionally in such fashion that remake is not an opption anymore, then please mute me or just leave the game yourself because i am going to ask others to report xin zhao because im not a person of trolling, afking and stuff likle that
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