So i got banned, and yes i know its kinda contradictory how i say trolls and toxic people will get banned, but I want your guys opinions. I dont think that this is ban worthy. Im just confused as to whether or not this is worthy of a perma ban (my 14days was something similar too) Game 1 Pre-Game Ròkkles: may i adc? Ròkkles: so im guessing thats a yes? :D In-Game Ròkkles: muted Ròkkles: goddamn crybabies Ròkkles: kaisa was banned Ròkkles: i banned her Ròkkles: lmao what did i do wrong there? Ròkkles: i mean Ròkkles: alright Ròkkles: nah Ròkkles: i cba Ròkkles: you guys will lose Ròkkles: hf Ròkkles: i just cba to play with children Ròkkles: please do Ròkkles: cause im afk farming Ròkkles: #all game Ròkkles: i said Ròkkles: im afk farming Ròkkles: all game Ròkkles: keep flaming me Ròkkles: maybe people are trolling cause youre being a child? Ròkkles: all your games Ròkkles: you call me a troll when im not trolling Ròkkles: but you sir Ròkkles: will be punished for flaming Ròkkles: and soraka Ròkkles: and ivern Ròkkles: so hf with that Ròkkles: yeah we could Ròkkles: easily winnable Ròkkles: but Ròkkles: i cba Ròkkles: have fun getting banned malph Ròkkles: and losing cause of toxicity Ròkkles: 2/9 soraka is all my fault right Ròkkles: such a shame Ròkkles: this game coulda been easily winnable too Ròkkles: whos blaming the support Ròkkles: im blmaing all of you for being toxic Ròkkles: gg wp Post-Game Ròkkles: gg wp Ròkkles: Shame my team was super toxic Ròkkles: Yeah wintrading live Ròkkles: makes sense Ròkkles: Nah Ròkkles: just cant stand playing with toxic people Ròkkles: crying? Ròkkles: i didnt get offended one biut Ròkkles: lmao Ròkkles: i jsut dont like toxic people Ròkkles: simple as that Game 2 Pre-Game Ròkkles: suh people In-Game Ròkkles: no Ròkkles: wp Ròkkles: yeah Ròkkles: is he not going tear? Ròkkles: stfu Ròkkles: mistakes Ròkkles: happen Ròkkles: i know Ròkkles: ? Ròkkles: you want me to rq? Ròkkles: like legit Ròkkles: why do you think Ròkkles: that pointing that shit out Ròkkles: makes a difference Ròkkles: you idiot Ròkkles: holy shit Ròkkles: you guys are legit babies Ròkkles: grow uo Ròkkles: I said that cause youre crying braum Ròkkles: Ok i know who im reporting Ròkkles: legit a full team of babies Ròkkles: you should play Ròkkles: instead of being afk at fountain Ròkkles: like i said Ròkkles: team full of babies Ròkkles: Hit Sion xD Ròkkles: wp Post-Game Ròkkles: jesus Ròkkles: christ Ròkkles: full team Ròkkles: of Ròkkles: babies Ròkkles: is insane Ròkkles: constant whining Ròkkles: Thats cause you were whining Ròkkles: Better be a %%%got than someone who keeps crying all game Ròkkles: Sure you are Ròkkles: pick braum Ròkkles: into jhin Ròkkles: well done

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