finally 14day ban for being mad about my inting troll team

Yes, i get mad if my team is trolling, inting hard or fk up big time. especially if they start to blame me. But what should be bannable? being mad about it? or trolling/inting? whatever...of course i see, i am behaving kinda wrong, but at least i have a reason and don´t pick on others for nothing or only to provoke. Game 1, last game Top went 1.8 mid had double the deaths and flame me. Support lux farmed whole game. Pre-Game Calloffalko: don´t have kayn In-Game Calloffalko: .... Calloffalko: how can u miss that Q and no E? Calloffalko: as always autofill support, no ganks....always...ALWAYS Calloffalko: i am so tired of it Calloffalko: vayne 3.0.1 thanks to you, how dare u laugh ?= Calloffalko: you miss all spells Calloffalko: you miss all poke Calloffalko: see Calloffalko: look at you Calloffalko: just become silver1 and i will Calloffalko: 2days ago i won 18oif my 20 jhin games, since then, only teams like this and support autofill like oyu Calloffalko: i know how good i am, so don´t bother Calloffalko: oh cool, now lux farming Calloffalko: gg matchmaking 24/7 Calloffalko: 16min, our first gank, nice Calloffalko: meanwhile top 1.7 Calloffalko: meanwhile lux farming and troll Calloffalko: if u come bot after i am dead, it is no gank Calloffalko: ofc i am mad if u miss everything, focus vayne like a bronze, and farm Calloffalko: you farm...and talk about kids Calloffalko: he is farming... Calloffalko: he won´t Calloffalko: he lost both2 lux games...guess why Calloffalko: pinged u vi 10times... Calloffalko: or if u tell lux to stop troll and not farm Calloffalko: ok Calloffalko: if she can troll Calloffalko: stfu sylas Calloffalko: right? Calloffalko: now u see Calloffalko: how it is Calloffalko: asking to report is a bannable offense Calloffalko: are you? Calloffalko: lux is trolling and u tell me to shut up Calloffalko: i jsut said lux is farming and trolling...nothign else... Calloffalko: and she is Calloffalko: asking to report is a bannable be human Calloffalko: stop being toxic Calloffalko: you have 2 times the deaths Calloffalko: 12 deaths sylas flame others :D Calloffalko: ggwp Post-Game Calloffalko: gg matchmaking Calloffalko: well Calloffalko: lux farming and troll Calloffalko: miss everything Calloffalko: top 1.8 Calloffalko: impossible to win Calloffalko: and sylass, only one with ganks Calloffalko: flame all day Calloffalko: thx report syall for that ----------------------- Game 2, 2nd last game mid ez soft inted and laughed all day about it. autofill support and jungle who never ganked bot flamed me all day, while i have been 1.3.1 even though we got ganked like 5-6 times. Pre-Game Calloffalko: you always go teemo? :D Calloffalko: well, you did beat morde... Calloffalko: let´s see if u can manage illaoi xD Calloffalko: well...i have a bad feeling about this game :D Calloffalko: no Calloffalko: ez In-Game Calloffalko: theyx are full ad... Calloffalko: ggwp Calloffalko: .... Calloffalko: i is obvious Calloffalko: morg, NEVER start W ...never... Calloffalko: especially vs thresh Calloffalko: lcs player do Calloffalko: nobody else Calloffalko: you are 100% useless in a trade Calloffalko: ok...i am d2 otp morgana Calloffalko: but ok Calloffalko: or pick ez mid Calloffalko: yasou 85 cs :D Calloffalko: lol Calloffalko: y, not qworth it bro Calloffalko: y Calloffalko: just rpeort ez, he is even laughin Calloffalko: i don´t even have a support bro Calloffalko: you are autofilled and have no idea what u do kid Calloffalko: your overall game Calloffalko: is awful Calloffalko: vision score of 8 Calloffalko: last game i was 1on5, ask this troll and autofill first time support :D Calloffalko: wow, one move! she did nothing dude Calloffalko: i do, becasue i always get impossible games! always Calloffalko: yes, sure, if i lose, impossible games Calloffalko: 72% winrate on jhin Calloffalko: exactly Calloffalko: first time sylas Post-Game Calloffalko: just unfair Calloffalko: i have good reasons for it Calloffalko: teemo won 2.0 Calloffalko: we even won bot Calloffalko: playing 2on4 Calloffalko: enjoy your ban ez Calloffalko: how dare u behave like that Calloffalko: look at those trolls ------------------------------------- Game 3 Top laner picked smite, soft inted and laughed. Bard was clearly inting...because he got mad over top trolling In-Game Calloffalko: haha, let us secure scuttler xD Calloffalko: just surender and report bard toxic/inting and top inting/troll Calloffalko: i dont care kid! he doesn´t even have ignit! impossible u int 5 deaths in 14min and lose 2 turrets Calloffalko: you didn´t evne build defensive, full ad and tri...don´t bother irelia Calloffalko: talk what u want bard, u are also inting! and trolling with smite...your talk won´t make a difference Calloffalko: adc vision score 16, support...who is never bot...but inting...^21 Post-Game Calloffalko: remember, YOU decide your elo Calloffalko: but u also decvide this community, thanks report irelia and bard inting Calloffalko: bard also toxic Calloffalko: troll Calloffalko: inting Calloffalko: you saw him, or not ebcasue he was never bot Calloffalko: you inted Calloffalko: not trolled Calloffalko: what? Calloffalko: u tunnel afdk Calloffalko: into kha and lux Calloffalko: u never bot Calloffalko: and lvl5 while i was lvl8 Calloffalko: just report him Calloffalko: and irelia
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