People diving the fountain instead of finishing the game.

So what's up with people deciding that diving the fountain to get that 1 more sweet kill for their perfect kda is worth more than finishing a game? Litterally everytime it happends i really wanna know why and what's running trough their heads. I just got out of a game that was 100% lost, our toplane lost hard against an ila that was 4/0, our mid too early on, botlane was doing fine-ish and same for me, After various ganks and us trying to convince ourselves that it wasn't still lost we managed to get back in the game, still the enemy had the upper hand, but slowly we won fights and even managed to get a pretty sneaky baron thanks to the Kog that now had his key items and me being Nunu. After the baron we totally turned the game around, won a pretty big teamfight mid, got an ace and managed to push to their nexus towers destroing them, But then hell breaks lose, we're hitting the nexus getting it to below 25% hp and the adc and support of the enemy team respawn, guess what people do? If the answer was hit the nexus and win a game where we were smacked for 20 mins and should've totally lost, i'm sorry to say but you're wrong. Literally everyone starts to focus on a single Cait with not even more than 5 kills and ends up diving to fountain to get that kill, meanwhile i'm there a little Nunu hitting the now below 10% hp nexus alone, doing no damage to it, seeing all my damage dealers die cause the enemy vel ulted them while being under the fountain and they just walking around confused and doing their best to kill the healing Vel before he kills them. Too bad they all died i was the only one alive hitting a nexus that only needed 2 more autos from our super fed Kog to be destroyed and eventually the whole enemy team respawned and steamrolled our base. This is mostly a venting post but really it's not the first time this stuff happends i can tell thousands of stories like this and i don't get why people need that 1 more kill instead taking the opportunity of winning a game that was lost were we got a miracle comeback.
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