Blizard created the funny 'ez' censoring, but i have an Idea what Riot could do !

Ok, before this is possible, make Ez and Noob and retard a censored word Ok it is like this, when somebody writes something, (no matter if normal or all chat) that contains a censored word, this message will be deleted and instead a grey text would come that would look like this _/all (Garen) : It seems like my summoner does not know much about JUSTICE !_ _/all (Vi) : I though i had no manners, but my summoner is just rediciulous!_ <---- Idfk how to spell rediciulous _/all (Darius) : The behaviour my summoner lays on this day is not the behaviour that makes you win a war!_ Every champ has 3 different sentences or one, Riot decides I just though, what could be more awkward for kids and flamers than geting blamed by his own champion ?
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