Boards in nutshell.

I came to boards and what i saw made me sad. in nutshell it's something like this: -a thread about how we should pity bronzies -a thread about how bad flaming is. -a thread where someone's whining how unfair his/her ban is (even tho s(he) was wishing cancer to people) -an intersting thread -a thread about how we shouldnt flame bronzies -a thread about how person dislikes flaming -mongolish thread - a thread how good riots punishement system is - a thread about flaming again - another thread about flaming - a thread about 14 days ban -an interesting thread -few threads about HUD (there were more few days ago but now they seem gone) -a "funny" thread. - another thread how unaccpetable flaming is - a thread about how "certain" people dislike wishing cancer upon others. -. . . -. . . -My thread -a thread about ban again - a thread about trolls and shitty teammates (gets downvoted asap) -Good suggestion -a QQ thread - thread about how bad flaming is you got the point. and yesterday i noticed one thing that killed a little piece inside of me. a thread about praising "master lyte". i puked on my keyboard. is this what we were aiming for? is this where we're going? its time to act. a genocide crusade begins here. raise the banners, we'll have justice soon. Now, our operation is small, but there's a lot of potential for "aggressive" expansion. :p
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