Honor progression feels really random.

Season 9 started not long ago, and i have pretty much no life-d it. I've played over 600 games so far in the season and as it seems i tend to get 2-3 honors the majority of the games i play (Non premade since it's solo/duo queue). Yet my orb progression seemed to be pretty non existent as i only progressed 2 checkpoints at level 2. However i have a friend that only played around 70ish games so far in the season, the majority of which were Arams with premades, and yet already has achieved honor level 3. In addition For the first time i can think of, after having a really bad experience in a recent match, i behaved in what League would consider a toxic manner. I didn't particularly flame and i didn't curse at all. But i have complained about a specific player .. playstyle throughout most of the match. And i get it, this is something that is frowned upon in this game, which is why it's something i haven't done before. But instantly afterwards. Boom 10 game Chat restriction and dropped to honor level 1. I really don't understand how this system works anymore, both because the progression upwards seems near random and because the decline downwards is pretty much instant even with the most minor chat offenses(No cursing/swearing of any sort, and calling myself out right now - i pretty much just called the person in question boosted(once, and he sorta has admitted himself later on) and that his actions caused in the game being thrown and he was better off playing champions that fit that specific playstyle, though i have repeated that part multiple times sadly). What i have learned from this experience is that there's pretty much no point in using chat in the game for anything other than saying "wp/gg/gj,etc" as anything even remotely controversial seems to push you off the grid. If someone is ruining a match i need to grind my teeth, hold back and hope that most people will be competent enough to (silently) report them.
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