Ranked is so much more fun from 12 am to 6 am

So I started working late shifts over lately and with my messed up schedule I can only play during this time period. -I've come across almost no trolls,(I've had a few but nothing compared to playing during the day) -People don't ragequit if you ask them to stop feeding and try to farm, even if they are super tilted I haven't had 1 int'er on my team. -People actually play FOR FUN, I know its a weird concept right? Playing ranked for fun? What twilight world is this!?!? Anyway I think I'm only going to play ranked from these times from now on,its so much more enjoyable even if you are losing or tilted then playing during the day. If your not enjoying ranked and thinking of quitting league because of it I suggest you try playing at this time if you can :D
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