Got suspended 14 days for standing up for myself... THX RIOT!

Riot must be the biggest cyberbullies of all time! I just got suspended for 14 days because I stood up for myself against a full premade team that was picking on me during a game. They were calling me noob and such things because I was playing a new character so I called them "french %%%s" and things like that. So because I went "non PC" defending myself against cyber bullies I got banned for 14 days?! Is this kinder garden or WTF is going on? Because i defended myself using "unorthodox language" against worthless spineless bullies I get banned? Shouldn't they get banned because they called me a noob, calling the other team to report me for things I didn't do, crashing my jungle to make me get underfeed to report me for feeding and so forth and so forth... If any riot members read this you can be damn sure that this is the last time I play thisgame run by horrible people, a company that bans someone for trying to stand up for them self against bullies. If your stupid response is going to be "you should have muted them" then my question to you is riot. How am i then supposed to see lane calls? This ban was the dumbest one I've ever seen! I didn't write this to get "unbanned" I don't care I'm going over to Dota2 or something from now on, but I'm writing this to show you that riot are willing to support Cyber bullies over the one being bullied just to follow protocol and to be "PC". That's the company you support when you buy things from riot. They support the real Toxic people to make it simple for themselfs.
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