Trollers in every other game?!

Im gonna keep this short by just saying ever since the solf mmr reset on this 10.1 patch i think i literally have encouterd trolls and greifers in every other game i play. I mean I dont play with these kind of players that troll and greif games in normals so whats the matter with ranked, I dont understand. Just played a game with a sylas mid that was playing with smite, which i found odd but did not question it, but then he started to lose lane hard. Would not call it inting but he just died over and over in lane a lot. And when he reached 5 deaths I think he just rage quit before the 20 min mark. I mean common, and this is literally what I encounter every other game since the new season. And i know that riot sends a notification to you when a player that you have reported gets some kind of punishment but none of these players have. Oh yeah and I almost forgot another game earlier today i played with a player tha prepicked gnar in champ select so we had a player on our team that banned sett because yeah... you know he is what is is.. but anyway this player proceeds to claim that he banned his champion that he was going to play (sett) even though he hoverd Gnar. This player claimed that he was going to int the rest of the game, i kind of did not buy it thought it was some troll to get out of champ select or whatever but this player proceeded to run it down top lane, and kept harrassing the whole team for banning sett. We obviously lost the game hard and i doubt that this player will get banned anyway but i can hope i guess. I just have 0 belief in the banning (justice system), that riot have. I mean sure they bann some flamers from time to time but tbh they are not the biggest issue IMO the players that grief and run it down are. And I have read so many threads about players that run it down 30-40 games in a row and dont get banned for it, I mean common riot. And if the player actually writes " i am going to int" and proceeds to do so. It cant be that hard to implement a bann of this person. Sorry for the rant and thanks for your time whoever reads this, please feel free to tell me your guys opinions on this and if you encounter the same issues.
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