I am sorry, Riot

Today i got banned for 2 weeks and i wanted to ask Riot to ban me FROM CHAT forever to prevent flaming. I wanted to apologize for insulting my teammate, for calling him a small armless homunculus with Down Syndrome, which he is. I want to apologize to Riot games for telling the truth about players with brain problems in the chat, literally in their faces. I don’t care about the honor lvl, I just want to play a game. I wanted to apologize for throwing my bile flow into the chat in order to let off steam, because all those who played with me in no way deserve such humiliation, because in IRL they were already so cruelly punished by mother nature. Lock my honor lvl, ban me from talking in chat forever. I don't care P.S Just wanted to shit on the forum because of emotions, do not take it seriously.
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