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Dear fellow players, contributors, board members or whatever of League of Legends, 5 years ago, this community was not as huge as it is today, however, if you saw thing through my eyes it is not only the size of the community that has experienced changes; this whole community contains people of different environments, age, location, gender and so on. I have been playing this game since season 1. I have seen how players behaviour tend to evolve into some worse than any player, board member or whatever could imagine. I have seen people who made me feel so bad about myself that I had to contact people who will always stand by my side regardless of what happens in order to make me feel normal and in better mood again, they would tell me it is just a game. I think of Riot Games as makers of a massive MOBA, not as makers of a very childish community at a certain time each day. We are this community; at least we are a part of it. I cannot tell you exactly when the community started to “evolve” into this massive flaming, egocentric, raging, toxic, disrespectful and childish attitude alike community. Nevertheless, I surely have suggestions of how to solve this irrelevant and bad behaviour. Whether it is against the Tribunal or not I think that, it is not only their responsibility to solve this huge problem; because it is the whole community’s problem. You and I need to behave when playing League of Legends, to me it does not matter who wins or loses; I have had several decent games, which my team ended up losing; However I knew after these “decent games” that me and my team did cooperate in order to trying to success and actually win. Which is deeply down what this 5v5/3v3 game mode is all about at least in my opinion. It has been a few years since I had a lost game like that. I wish that we could all be treated with dignity and shared the same respect for all players, good as well as less good when playing League of Legends. To be honest I did think several times about quitting League of Legends mainly due to this badly behaving community. The main thing that makes me come back is my vision of what an awesome community we could create for ourselves with three simple phrases in mind: 1: Respect your fellow players as if they not just a part of your or an opposing team, but as human beings. 2: Be polite, even when loosing! Speak/write in a way so the other people in your game knows that your intentions are good and you do not need anger management lessons (no bad words about anger management lessons it is just my way of describing) 3: Share the word and joy of playing League of Legends; League of Legends is a team game, why would not invite your friends to see what at minimum is a part of my life?
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