reverying my ban that i got for 14-days

dear player behaviour team. i recently got a ban for "griefing" a game i played disco nunu with my 5 man premade and they wanted me to just for the fun of it so i did it. i know its seems like i am trowing the game ,but we all had fun because thats what we wanted to do but after that game i got a message that i will get punnished for what that one game did. probably the enemys that reported me for griefing but that is n ot what happend and i just get banned for that. as i just bought the pass for the point for the night and dawn event it is quiet the bummer and my honor wil get reset for it. while we just had fun i just dont think that that is fair. and i hope that it can be lifted. with kind regards IkBenEenPapzak
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