I honestly don't agree with the mute I received

https://pastebin.com/w8iMuc7V This is the reason I got muted for, it seems. I strongly dissagree with the restriction because: 1) There is a language filter so why get muted over curse words? 2) Standing up for yourself shouldn't be punished. 3) In 3 out of 5 games people start flaming if they are not winning, so why isn't the mute system working? 4) Inb4 "too much chatting", why not remove it completely and add an improved pinging system? I don't see the option to turn off the chat. 5) Leaving verbal abuse aside, restricting a player's communications capabilities only hurts the team. Pings are limited, chat is limited too. League doesn't reward passive play, in my knowledge. I am always open to a constructive dialog. Starting with a biased mindset only proves my point. Why should I bother understanding you if you're not trying as well, right?
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