Unfair ban

Hi, today , after playing a ranked game i got banned.The reason for my ban was "flaming" it seems.I was playing top lane Yasuo vs Nasus and i ended up winning the lane despite Nasus being op as hell and getting camped by enemy jungler. But am going to get back on topic. I ended up winning the game with 50000 damage with my jungler having 15000 and doing nothing the whole game except being really toxic and feeding the enemy team.He said such thing as "%%%" and "i hope your mother dies of cancer" and was running into enemy team and giving them kills.I was just defending myself and i was focused on winning the game despite him doing nothing and flaming the whole team which got us all so, so frustrated and mad. The main question i have right now is How and why did i get banned and he didn't ? He flamed us and was feeding but i got banned for some reason... I also spent 100 euro on this account which i worked hard for and that makes me even more frustrated because it is now ALL gone because of some really toxic player that i encountered. Please review my ban once again and tell me if it was ban worthy. Thanks in advance ! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}

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