player insulting for no reason escalating

Intro: Playing Ranked is not always nice ofc, there are many people who troll or insult you because of a bad play or anything similar. But when people start to troll because you took 1 minionwave, defending the last standing tower on that lane in the 30th minute, i just cant take it anymore. I want these people to get banned, and I want to see it HAPPEN and not just hear that "if they really deserve the ban they will get it sooner or later". IMPORTANT STUFF This urgot told me to kill myself irl, then proceeded to use all of his abilities into the air, including flash, tp and ultimate, and then ran all the way to the enemy top tower to die. just because i took 1 wave in minute 30. he kept insulting for no reason and only went on sidelanes running through, killing some minions then dying again. After the game in stats screen he proceeded to say: "i wish 56 breast cancers yo your mother i wsear she has to suffer piece of dogshit" And as far as im awear, threatening in real life/ death wish/ etc is a instant ban. why isnt he banned yet? HOW isnt he banned yet? in my oppinion this should be an autoban. he Trolled he intentionally died to the enemy he flamed excessively he wanted to lose -if you think "there is always two sides to a story", then here you go: i took a minionwave from his lane where i was already standing at, while he was walking there. -i called him a troll after he started trolling. -i told him to "just play" "idiot" in that order. thats it. Whats your oppinion about this? this case and in generall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: **I'm thanking you all for your replies on this matter,** **thankfully**, after a night of sleep and a day of work i can now say: **he's banned. Or at least punished (IFS) ** What i want to say about your disccussion, i myself didn't even get tilted by him trolling, but i seriously wanted to see him banned. As you have mentioned, i would probably not meet him again anyway, but if i think about the next person that has him in their team, who knows, maybe they will get so angry about it they get frustrated in real life or something. I want to spare every player i can from unsportsmanlike players like that guy and i can assure you; it's in the will of everyone. I DO get tilted from idiots, i DO sometimes get tilted by player just having a bad game, to the point where i myself start to mildly flame them (e.g. "you lost this single handedly") but i would never attack the person irl, or troll and ruin the game because of that. everyone tilts, everyone sometimes plays bad, but overreacting, and ruining games is just a thing i want banned, for the sake of everyone. On another note, the last few days i've been playing more than the 2 months before, and only in one week i got 3 report-IFS, one beeing the guy that i dedicated this entire thread to. honestly... i dont even remember the other two players, or what they did. And that is not because it was a minor thing, but because i get actual trolls and hardcore flamer almost every game for exactly 12 days. This also means i lost a lot, but here i am, calmly writing half a roman, and just hoping that i will do some good for others who won't have to play with those people. Please everyone, don't forget, everybody started-, or at least kept -playing this game because they had fun, and i want to cherish this fun for the community. Thank you all, and have a wonderfull day. (without flamer)
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