teammates are bad

Hello everybody, for the past month, on 45/50 games my teammates are always afk, trolling, have negative atittude and u all know what happens. Im not talking about 1 or 2 of them ,or 1-2/10 games,almost all of them have these traits. Im currently on silver elo,but still i am not such a bad player as my teammates.In many games, the other team honors me for the effort i make with my lousy team. Its not just that they are bad players(noobs) ,which is understandable considering the elo, its that they act like they have no brain,nevr listen to pings, always turret diving,and of course trolls. i dont believe riot should be teamming me with them,cause i never did any of these( though we all deserve to make some mistakes ingame) Does anyone else think that the teaming has its problems?
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