I'm glad you exist!

Hey there! I should be learning and I'm grumpy as hell, but let me tell you something. To everyone who has ever honoured an ally, because of teamwork, friendliness, being helpful. To everyone who ever dared honouring an enemy, because of a nice or a hard game that asked for strategy, because of an enemy who played well and didn't taunt or/and show off, didn't make you feel bad or even gave you an advice for the next game that was CONSTRUCTIVE and HELPED you out. To people who actually honour enemies who are playing as 4 vs 5 until the end and still make "you have a bad time" because they refuse to give up easily. I can only talk for myself, but oh my, I'm not even sure if you can imagine how you make my day. Sometimes I'm even sad that I don't really know who actually honoured me, because I can't thank you guys. So I'll do it here. Here is MY THANK YOU TO YOU. {{champion:37}} {{item:3070}}

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