How is this possible ?

This is unbeliveble , I was banned for 20 days , then when I came back I was 75 games wth restricted chat and needed 35 wins in nromal drafts to rank again , all fine , I did deserved the punishement , I receive a email from riot wth the chat that got that abn on , and I agree , i was salty , But NOW I havent being salty or toxic in my teams , and I got another 75 games chat restricted and need another 35 normal draft wins to play ranks , Why ? I havent saying any bad thing , being toxic or flame ... I dont get it , I got suspended for nothing , not even a email , with the "supose" chat game that lead to this . I don't deserve this pusnishement , when I dont say a word in chat , only about "flash down 12:44" etc I Dare some one in tribunal to prove i deserve this or to lift this unjust ban . thank you

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