Why trolling player is everywhere now ????

Why riot. I've played 8 games this afternoon and I met 6 trolled players, almost one per game. Why playing placement rank games become so difficult ?? Not because the opponent was so strong. It's just because trolling player is everywhere now. I'm really wondering if the reporting system works ??? Please, guys, tell me what could I do? I just want to play a rank game normally. If I lost because of my bad behavior, it's ok. I can practice more to achieve higher elo. But could I do if all the games were full of trolling players? I've thought a lot about if I were also a trolling player or something else. But I really play each game seriously. Those trolling just made me confused. Sorry for this negative message. I'm just very sad and down because of this matter. Wish you guys could win more games and meet less trolling players, don't like me. GG Peace & Love
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