Season 7 Ranked - Why do you link me up with people who purposely troll.

1 week ago I was climbing out of Bronze 5. 2 days later I was climbing out of bronze 4 and 3 days ago I was about to climb out of bronze 3 and get into bronze 2 promos. 1 game threw this and paired me with a team of trolls in botlane who purposely fed. Over the course of 4 games over 3 days I've been pushed back from 93 lp to 11lp. Now I'm constantly in a cycle as jungler winning 1 game and losing the next. Because I will get a feeder / troll in the game that will ignore teammates and do what they want to do thus feed and then flame us for being right. I've tried muting chat and focusing sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Take my last game I was on 24lp I had a corki on my team in mid vs yasuo. He fed 3 kills within 1st 3 minutes and yasuo got 1st blood within the 1st minute. I tell the corki to play safe and his words "Stop talking" so I'm like alright fine. 10 minutes later he has fed 9 kills to the yasuo soley and taken yasuo roughly 4 times. He's also lost his 2 turrets and done no damage to yasuo's turret. I tell the corki to play safe and stop engaging with no vision and solo yasuo because as yasuo does in a minion wave he will zone you. End result game is over by 24 minutes. No turrets have been taken by entire team cause we had to defend mid lane and we can't defend vs the high lvl advantage and cs advantage that the yasuo has helped his teammates reach. We can't defeat cause we've had to split our resources to mid lane. My question is why every single other game I am purposely getting atleast 1 troll each game who cares about themselves. When they die they complain 0 gank in their lane when they lose 1 v 1 with no enemy jungle present in their lane. Why? My general philosophy in lane ganking. If you're feeding hard. I'm not going to gank your lane cause it will make it worse that it already is. I know some games can be unavoidable and you will lose. I accept that. But what I can't accept is that every game I win 1 game and then lose the next game and I get purposely matched up with a feeder / troll each game. If you look at my match history you will see this. At the current rate I purposely want to uninstall lol or punch my monitor or find some way to self harm. Cause I can't keep up being paired with dickhead after dickhead.

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