Am out

People who behave badly majority of the games they play that player get rewarded by you Riot. I have been in several games with same people who: F ur mon, N-Word you and so on and so on. But nothing happen they get to play and rarly punished. As i try to get rid of these player due its no fun. But! When people who rarly behaves bad does it in a match or two you punish them right away? Why is that a logical way to go? Am tired of being the nice happy guy trying to help and and win with a good attitude for people who clearly lack manors.. But as soon as i say one or two game: "i cant help if you to dumb to understand why not to go 1v5 " i get punished right away. and no there is no FUFUFU and %%%%%% you or idiot ur mom and bs like taht due it doest help since bad players dont learn by that. But i have wasted enuff cash on this game now so ill sell my acc and find a game that does promot Bad Behavoir. Thanks Riot Am Out (Y){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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