Can I get banned for being "bad player" or "not follow the meta"?

Hello everybody! Well, as the title says, I am a very unskilled player and there is sometimes I think I am choosing a bad item or a bad strategy or champion etc... And I am very tired of people screaming in the chat saying things like: NOOB UNINSTALL THE GAME NOW or things like that. So when I start a match I usually mute everyone to avoid bad experiences (but in Summoner's Rift I try to use the map pings, but sometimes I make mistakes). I play for fun, actually I do not mind if I lose or if I win, also I do not play Ranked games because I know people want to win in that types of matchs. The question is: with this attitude can I get banned (or even worse because I bought some champions that I love) permabanned? Thanks for reading! EDIT: Thanks for everyone for your answers! I really apreciate them. :3
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