Does every banned person deserve their bans?

Hello guys. So, I've been scrolling through the threads about bans and I wanted to see how and why people whine about their bans. Some of them are right, some of them are wrong, but according to the people who commented back, all of them are wrong and all of them deserved their bans. They have to deserve their bans, that's why they got banned, right? I mean, the system cannot be wrong, even if it's governed by humans and it doesn't matter if humans make mistakes and every human is subjective. It doesn't matter, they deserve it. All of them deserve it, right? Now, I never got banned, but come on, all of them are wrong? Really? I mean, I feel like when someone sees people complaining about a ban, before even reading the thread, they immediately think that they deserve it from the title and their judgment towards them shapes by the effect of their prejudices. And they look for words and sentences to prove that they did deserve the ban. Yeah, and in my opinion, people with prejudices are as bad as toxic people. And if you're one of the people who think that you're "nice", and have prejudices too... I'm afraid to say that you're bad. Evil. You're just one of the evil people who think that they're good and have a twisted morality and who thinks that they're always right, no matter in what situation. Don't be prejudiced. It clouds your judgment towards the people who are right.
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