Today's "fix your sh*t" thread

I just sat through the worst ai game I've ever had the misfortune to play. in it we had TWO account leveling scripters who fed like hell, they forced me out of midlane and fed the ai player so they were 8/0 in under 10 minutes. in the end we lost because the ai was fed so much and we couldn't surrender because the two scripters would just ignore the vote. all I wanted was to warm up for some pvp games but instead I'm incredibly tilted by this loss, what is more ridiculous is that the past 4 ai games I have played have all had these account leveling scripters in, now I know that dominion was plagued with them but at least they weren't quite as frequent there. something needs to be done about these accounts as they are clearly on the rise, I love playing lol but I'm don't want part of the game ruined by selfish a**holes who want to sell on accounts for people who are too lazy to get to lv30 by themselves, plz riot FIX YOUR SH*T.
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