My account got hacked please help #Riot

So,few months ago I've recieved a message from my friend who got hacked (I didnt know at that time) sent me a link for a free ''grey ww skin'',trusting him cuase he is my friend I clicked it...filled in the info -Name Pass- etc... the next day everyone kept sending me hate messages cuase a hacker got into my account and did the same to them, Thinking that everything is over,few months later which is this day 9.4.2015 I loged into my LoL account for the first time today...and I noticed the ''reconnect'' button...knowing someone else must have been online while I was gone,trying to reconnect just kept me crashing,after all went back to normal I played a few games with my friends,and I went to look up my match history to see how did I do today...suddenly I've noticed a game played on ''ARAM'' as {{champion:238}} and I was scared cause someone hacked my account and played a game on it,wanting to change my password and my hotmail,I did not have access to my hotmail neither,so if there is any possiblitiy to replace my old hotmail [deleted] I have no access to the main one cause I dont use it very often...I dont want my account go to waist,and if you see a threatening or disrespectfull post from me on this site,know its not me.. :'( _moderator note: I took the freedom to delete your email adresses from this post. Please learn from this incident and dont give away personal data (like passwords or your email-adress) so easily. This is exactly the kind of carelessness that caused your problem. Contact Riots player support for help. _ 0HardStyle0- ''What does that actiualy mean ?''

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