i get banned for saying the truth?

i was playing a ranked game when my botlane was feeding, and this jinx started the flame me so i didt want to mute becaus im not that person, and on the last moment i got tilted. but alright we lost that game i want to go to the next game im in the draft pick screeen and out of no where i get suspended and not only i got banned i lost my, LP to plz riot why are you doing this to me all i sayd was this mabay not the sweatest things but nothing bads. Game 1 NobleMonkeyNygel: ekko ap? NobleMonkeyNygel: im mean kindered? NobleMonkeyNygel: got ganked NobleMonkeyNygel: kindred your stack NobleMonkeyNygel: kindered take your stack whiele zac was mid NobleMonkeyNygel: jsus man NobleMonkeyNygel: mid getting camped NobleMonkeyNygel: kindred gank or stack NobleMonkeyNygel: kindred what are you doing man? NobleMonkeyNygel: go stack NobleMonkeyNygel: plz gostack NobleMonkeyNygel: gg NobleMonkeyNygel: realy guys NobleMonkeyNygel: why NobleMonkeyNygel: are you guys not playing save? NobleMonkeyNygel: report bt NobleMonkeyNygel: JINX NobleMonkeyNygel: JUST FARM NobleMonkeyNygel: DONT FIGHT NobleMonkeyNygel: OMG YOU GUYS HAVE ULTN HEAL MAN NobleMonkeyNygel: WTF NobleMonkeyNygel: DEF NobleMonkeyNygel: can you explain rakan? and jinx why didt help me? NobleMonkeyNygel: WHY ME NobleMonkeyNygel: WHY E NobleMonkeyNygel: BECAUS THEY FOCUS ME NobleMonkeyNygel: AND NO ONE IS HELPING ME NobleMonkeyNygel: dude you feed botlane NobleMonkeyNygel: i help you guys NobleMonkeyNygel: and you wont help me NobleMonkeyNygel: ofcorse i rage NobleMonkeyNygel: ow yes feeding my lane NobleMonkeyNygel: singed NobleMonkeyNygel: coem NobleMonkeyNygel: we need you NobleMonkeyNygel: jinx is feedin NobleMonkeyNygel: im no jungler man NobleMonkeyNygel: da,, NobleMonkeyNygel: realy NobleMonkeyNygel: im going afk NobleMonkeyNygel: jinx is trolling NobleMonkeyNygel: no def on me NobleMonkeyNygel: jinx stfu NobleMonkeyNygel: your just trolling NobleMonkeyNygel: stfu NobleMonkeyNygel: no hackers NobleMonkeyNygel: AHAHAHAAH NobleMonkeyNygel: NICE KS NobleMonkeyNygel: YOU DID NOTHING YOU NOOB NobleMonkeyNygel: first season ranked jinx NobleMonkeyNygel: ? NobleMonkeyNygel: 1v2 you wou win? NobleMonkeyNygel: damm my teamates jinx is flaming me for being fres NobleMonkeyNygel: :? NobleMonkeyNygel: say someting guys NobleMonkeyNygel: gg nice bait NobleMonkeyNygel: we ff NobleMonkeyNygel: jup NobleMonkeyNygel: what? NobleMonkeyNygel: ke i go afk jinx titls me im done gg NobleMonkeyNygel: LOOK YOUR OWN %%%%ING NOOB 3 IN 11 NobleMonkeyNygel: YOU FLAME ME ALL GAME NobleMonkeyNygel: i got the most farm most tower most kills im the carry in this game you %%%g NobleMonkeyNygel: im done plz plz report jinx

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