Stop people from writing "k y s" and "get cancer" feat. Troll by Shane Koyczan

Troll- Shane Koyczan
From the album and Graphic novel, 'Silence Is A Song I Know All The Words To' available for purchase, here Troll Video: Written and Performed by Shane Koyczan Music by: Cayne McKenzie & Hannah Epperson Artwork by: Gareth Gaudin Animation and Editing by: Amazing Factory Productions For more information on events and tour dates, click here:
I'm shaking, literally shaking with anger, today I've played more then a couple ARAM's but atleast 50% of my games had 3 or more people writing Kill YourSelf "k y s" in chat, to people they don't know, to someone who might just be that last step away from doing it, I have to say I've lost a friend to suicide and my opinion might be a bit colored on this subject, but there are some thing's you just DON'T say to people, for any reason, EVER. This is not my first day with these kind of people in my games, and it's not my first time being angry with them either... but enough is enough, I need this to stop, my hair is turning grey at age 24, I need this game to unwind after a hard day but it's just making me angry with people wishing other people death in writing, I'm not seeing enough Instant Feedback Report's compared to how many toxic douche-bags I report for writing "k y s" in all chat. I've confronted all of them about their complete lack of human decency, but only one out of like 50 people has been intelligent enough to admit he did something unforgivable. So, I have a question for Riot, will you at some point be making a video or voice recording titled "Being a decent human being towards your fellow summoners", preferably one you are forced to watch either when you hit level X or when you get a warning about bad behavior?

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