Just got permanently banned after one game back from 7 day ban.

Game 1 WhySoRubbish: stfu instalock graves WhySoRubbish: where is ur coin WhySoRubbish: the sad part is, im just better at adc than he is since thats what i main, hes probably just took it so he doesnt have to suppo WhySoRubbish: support* WhySoRubbish: stop what WhySoRubbish: stop trying to win? WhySoRubbish: wtf? WhySoRubbish: its an easy bott if you dont cs WhySoRubbish: your not even last hitting your just denying me cs WhySoRubbish: 5 cs to 12 just stop csing and support WhySoRubbish: 30 cs to your 10, stop fucking csing or oyur going to put me beind and we will lose WhySoRubbish: sto pdoing htat WhySoRubbish: if you cant last hit WhySoRubbish: dont WhySoRubbish: you miss everyh fucking cs WhySoRubbish: and you over extrend and die gj WhySoRubbish: you never back off when you should WhySoRubbish: you have 20 cs WhySoRubbish: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP TRYHING TO FARM WhySoRubbish: you asre not good enough WhySoRubbish: HOW THE FUCK IS THAT FALME WhySoRubbish: YOU TELL ME WhySoRubbish: HOW HTE UFCK WhySoRubbish: THAT IS FLAME WhySoRubbish: SO ITS NOT THEN WhySoRubbish: DONT TALK SHIT WhySoRubbish: "oh stop falming" when no one is fucking flaming WhySoRubbish: wtf are you on about?! WhySoRubbish: honeslty WhySoRubbish: you complete idiot WhySoRubbish: me telling the 20 cs graves to stop farming and just let me is NOT flame WhySoRubbish: you guys are moronic WhySoRubbish: meenwhile afk mid and bnott WhySoRubbish: noobs WhySoRubbish: 3/1 70 cs in a double farm lane WhySoRubbish: what basis do you have to make that statement? WhySoRubbish: what flame WhySoRubbish: you cant quote one thing that ive said that is falme WhySoRubbish: and you keep telling me im flaming when im not WhySoRubbish: that makes you an idiot WhySoRubbish: this is all chat WhySoRubbish: well i wanst flaming to begin with] WhySoRubbish: i dont think you even know what the word means, you keep because all game WhySoRubbish: why do you keep because? WhySoRubbish: report graves for because WhySoRubbish: clutch summoner heal WhySoRubbish: yes that would be me WhySoRubbish: yup, you dont know the meaning of flame and i "dont know" the meaning of because, so yeah stuf WhySoRubbish: idk why, i havent done anything wrong WhySoRubbish: what a tp WhySoRubbish: that guys honored WhySoRubbish: you still havent told me why WhySoRubbish: report diana constantly flaming me and i really dont know why WhySoRubbish: you keep telling everyone to report me and idk whyh WhySoRubbish: wtf hes allowed to say yasuo sucks (not flame) XD WhySoRubbish: this renekton WhySoRubbish: very unskilled WhySoRubbish: thank youshen WhySoRubbish: you stayed on the baron the whole teamfight "that team" WhySoRubbish: wtf how is that flame WhySoRubbish: do you even know what your talking about mr "i muted cait" WhySoRubbish: ok ur mtued WhySoRubbish: ugh watch the next teamfight, watch me carry it. WhySoRubbish: i just need my bt WhySoRubbish: need to clear top first WhySoRubbish: WHAT TEH FUCK IS THAT GUY WhySoRubbish: WHAT THE FUCK WhySoRubbish: you say its me>? WhySoRubbish: you say its me# WhySoRubbish: ffs WhySoRubbish: RENEKTON JUST TPED UP FOR NOTHING NO ONE WENT SOLO WhySoRubbish: wtf zed and adc are there WhySoRubbish: who do you think im running from WhySoRubbish: we could have ended 20 mins ago but renekton goes perma solo and now im brored WhySoRubbish: why contest when you can just do the baron? WhySoRubbish: nuke WhySoRubbish: adc bott. WhySoRubbish: go baron WhySoRubbish: ffs WhySoRubbish: get out. WhySoRubbish: you guys keep doing your own shit and were gonna lose WhySoRubbish: yeah were gonna lose WhySoRubbish: tf was that WhySoRubbish: wtf WhySoRubbish: gg wp WhySoRubbish: ez baits WhySoRubbish: no WhySoRubbish: le zed WhySoRubbish: just ff your wasting your own life WhySoRubbish: your not going to win WhySoRubbish: how hard is it to go as 5 and just hit hte nexus WhySoRubbish: that hard WhySoRubbish: hes not caught me all game WhySoRubbish: ignore morg go mid WhySoRubbish: fuck WhySoRubbish: BECAUSE YOU KEEP STANDIING IN THE MIDDLE OF HTEM HOLY FUCK WhySoRubbish: yes htey can WhySoRubbish: easily can someone explain to me, how a player is supposed to reform when his first game back is with a bunch of players who are trying there best to make your playing experience hell. A Renekton who is constantly tping to where i am to take my cs, an instalock last pick adc who should have went support, the team constantly telling me what im doing is flaming without justification. Is swearing flame now? Is telling someone, who is already trolling, to stop doing what hes doing because you want to win against the rules? I've literally just came back from a two week ban (no previous bans outside chat bans). In the past I've been far worse than this and I've been banned but how can you pretend this is player reform.k
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