Hello Everyone!

Hello, everyone.Im writing this not because i expect someone to unban me or something.Im writing because im pissed of now and probably my lol chapter will end here.Its impossible to be banned permanently because u played as jungler and u didnt gank mid,then the guy on mid playing as malphite vs fizz,he start trolling the game without helping us the whole game,without buying boots of speed whole game,spamming the chat contineously that he dont group becasue i didnt gank and enemy ekko did 4 ganks,and things like that.srsly the guy who build the banning system i think he was a bullied boy in the childhood. I dont know how can i get permanently banned for this: Game 1 Pre-Game SpamCo: kutya SpamCo: :))) SpamCo: im romanian but i know what means kutya SpamCo: in my region 60% speak magyor SpamCo: i know also SpamCo: azanyad picio iabo SpamCo: rosomo fosomo anyad bo SpamCo: xDDDDDDDD SpamCo: uiovod mindo iszten foso In-Game SpamCo: where you from SpamCo: Budapest? SpamCo: wp SpamCo: he is home SpamCo: SHEEN SpamCo: TP SpamCo: Shen keep tp to save me pls :X SpamCo: zac feed? SpamCo: i mute him SpamCo: so what? SpamCo: stay under turret and farm SpamCo: u have w and e SpamCo: ok i come back SpamCo: reported SpamCo: STFU FOR REAL SpamCo: U ARE ANOYING SpamCo: KIDDO SpamCo: wtf u doing there SpamCo: ??? SpamCo: ofc u feed SpamCo: u are bad SpamCo: dude better play SpamCo: instead of writing SpamCo: ty SpamCo: u will probablly have chat restricted after this game SpamCo: now SpamCo: muted SpamCo: boots? SpamCo: of speed? SpamCo: report malph SpamCo: ty SpamCo: report him boyz SpamCo: i knock our 4 people SpamCo: he dont use ulti SpamCo: hope you get banned SpamCo: epic junkl SpamCo: dude u will be banned SpamCo: is it really worth? SpamCo: i gank top SpamCo: i gank bot SpamCo: are you %%%%%%ed? SpamCo: its wortheless to gank mid SpamCo: fizz have E SpamCo: but np SpamCo: u get 4xfrom our team SpamCo: so what?!?!?!?!?! SpamCo: stop crying SpamCo: fckin kid SpamCo: dumb SpamCo: stfu SpamCo: shen its wasteof time SpamCo: he is probablly a 12 years old SpamCo: kid SpamCo: what can u expect? SpamCo: he will grow SpamCo: can u report our troll pls? SpamCo: buy boots SpamCo: dumb SpamCo: ? SpamCo: i just want to finish dude SpamCo: :) SpamCo: im tired of malph SpamCo: we could win SpamCo: nbut he is so kid SpamCo: ofc we can SpamCo: but he is kid SpamCo: and troll SpamCo: without boots SpamCo: u help urself dumb SpamCo: not me SpamCo: i dont give a sh.it SpamCo: on this game SpamCo: :)) SpamCo: i will post the replay SpamCo: and give link to everybody SpamCo: in the team SpamCo: so its sure ban SpamCo: probably 14 or 30 SpamCo: yea yea SpamCo: on forum SpamCo: no boots.. SpamCo: buy boots kiddo SpamCo: its 300 gold SpamCo: otherwise u will die more SpamCo: nice troll SpamCo: ulti zyra SpamCo: report our troll SpamCo: ty SpamCo: be fairplay:)
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